Viper TIJ

Thermal inkjet printer Squid Ink Viper for coding and marking

Viper thermal inkjet printer

Viper ™ Thermal Inkjet Printer from the company Squid Ink uses the revolutionary Funai® technology to print high-resolution characters in high resolution on porous or non-porous surfaces. With a print height of up to 0,5 ”(12,7 mm) per print head, Viper offers a versatile yet cost effective solution for coding and marking applications.

Designed for your application

The Viper TIJ printing system features an 8,9-inch color touchscreen that provides users with access to the printer's internal messages and printing functions. The touch screen allows users to compose and edit messages using the company's intuitive Sirius ™ desktop software Squid Ink. It is perfect for users who want to compose and edit messages on the shop floor or in the office. For users printing on a wide variety of products, the system offers 2 GB of memory, allowing thousands of messages to be programmed and saved for easy retrieval. Most importantly, Viper includes advanced software that enables users to print date codes, batch numbers, barcodes, and more.

Versatility of the substrate

The Viper TIJ uses efficient, non-marking ink cartridges to print high resolution codes up to 600 dpi on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, coated and uncoated materials, plastic, polystyrene, films, metals, glass and several other porous or non-porous substrates. Viper is perfect for users who want to print permanent marks that dry in seconds on glossy cardstock, boxes, trays, plastic containers and more.

Print up to 0,5 ”(12,7 mm) razor-sharp logos, barcodes, text and more with a print resolution of 600 DPI.

Quick replacement of Viper Funai ink cartridges ensures uninterrupted printer operation and maximized production.

Print on a variety of porous or non-porous surfaces, including wood, coated and uncoated corrugated cardboard, polystyrene, foils, films and more.

Create and edit messages on the shop floor using the Viper 8,9 ”full color touchscreen.