03 June

Purchase and replacement of industrial CIJ printers (plujek)

Our company helps in the development of production companies, therefore we purchase industrial printers for marking products and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.

We buy printers Linx, Hitachi, Videojet, Squid Ink and other.

If you have already purchased new printers and want to get rid of used ones or are thinking about replacing devices, please contact us and provide some details about your old printers, e.g .:

  • producer
  • Model
  • course
  • type of ink
  • technical condition
  • a few illustrative photos

We will quote your printer and send you a repurchase offer.

We can also offer a new printer with a super discount in the settlement - ask for an offer!

Please do not hesitate to contact us >> LINK << or by calling: +48 514 128 375 

27 tue

Service and fluids for Linx, Hitachi, Videojet and other industrial printers

We offer repairs and inspections as well as fluids for industrial printers.

We offer:

  • repairs and maintenance of Linx 4900, Linx 5900, Linx 6800, Linx 6900, Linx 7300, Linx 7900 printers
  • repair and maintenance of Hitachi PB 260E, Hitachi PH 260E, Hitachi PXR 260E, Hitachi PXR 460E, Hitachi RX-SD160W, Hitachi RX-BD160W, Hitachi RX2-S160W printers,
  • parts for Linx, Videojet, Hitachi, Imaje and other CIJ printers
  • service contracts for industrial printers
  • consumables from renowned UK manufacturers and companies Squid Ink Manufakturing from the USA
  • equipment warranty extension
  • away and stationary service
  • filters and inspection modules for industrial printers
  • help and advice to optimize production

Cooperation with Druk Serwis 24 allows to reduce the costs of marking products by up to 50%.

In addition, our activities at your production plant include:

  • less downtime of the production line,
  • fewer printer failures,
  • extending the life of printers,
  • optimization of the marking and labeling process of products,
  • the possibility of increasing the culture of operating devices through periodic training.

Do not wait, ask for an offer and compare the costs - CONTACT

The offer includes consumables for devices from manufacturers:

All logos and brand names have been used for informational purposes only. Druk Serwis 24 Sp. z o. o. does not claim any rights to the above-mentioned brands.

25 tue

Send the printer for service

To meet the situation related to the pandemic and due to the limitations in accepting people from outside in production plants, we provide you with a service at our company's headquarters.

The printer requiring inspection or repair is enough to put in the original box or on a standard euro-pallet and send it to our service address:
Druk Serwis 24 Sp. z o. o. ul. Zalipie 1A 04-625 Warsaw tel. 514 128 375

Correct shipping procedure:

  1. Notify Druk Serwis 24 Sp. z o. o. about the intended shipment.
  2. Describe on a piece of paper why the printer is being sent and place the card inside the package or send such information by e-mail biuro@wordpress2151333.home.pl
  3. Secure the shipment properly: fasten it to the pallet with straps, cover the screen and secure the head. Wrap everything in foil.
    It is also possible to attach the transfer indicator - all printers shipped from us are so secured. The indicator can be purchased from us by e-mail or via the Allegro auction:
  5. Pallet shipment - if you do not have a signed contract, we can download the printer using our carriers (DHL, DPD, FEDEX, etc.).


We attach below sample photos of a properly secured printer:

The use of the marker allows for quick verification of the printer overturning and the burden of the carrier's insurance policy with possible repair costs.


An improperly secured and described shipment prevents proper transport because the carrier does not know how to treat the transported item.

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