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Squid Ink produces all popular industrial coding inks and solvents. We guarantee shipment within 48 hours. We ship 99% of our fluid orders on the same day. We can also secure adequate resources so that 100% of the fluids are shipped on the day of the order.

Our customer relationships are focused on the needs of the facility and provide solutions to their problems, rather than dictating policies and procedures. We pay close attention to your needs and work with you to meet your requirements.

Authorized Distributor Squid Ink

Authorized resellers of products Squid Ink has many years of experience with coding equipment and is properly trained to quickly find effective solutions to your coding and marking problems. For information on distribution in your area, call +48 514 128 375 

Customer service

Call +48 514 128 375 with inquiries about pricing and part numbers to place an order or check the status of an existing order.

Technical service - Inks and liquids

Call us on the number +48 514 128 375to discuss issues with the batch of ink you received or other needs with a special barcode or product coding system.

Technical service - printing systems

call this number  +48 514 128 375  with installation and software questions, print quality issues, mechanical issues, or service questions. Our technicians are also available to assist you should your system need to be returned for warranty or post-warranty repair.

In addition, Druk Serwis 24 offers a number of service and installation options dedicated to the company's printing systems Squid Ink and competitive barcode printing devices.

You can also contact us at 

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