Linx, Hitachi, Videojet and other service

We offer repairs and inspections of industrial printers.

We offer:
  • repairs and maintenance of Linx 4900, Linx 5900, Linx 6800, Linx 6900, Linx 7300, Linx 7900 printers
  • repair and maintenance of Hitachi PB 260E, Hitachi PH 260E, Hitachi PXR 260E, Hitachi PXR 460E, Hitachi RX-SD160W, Hitachi RX-BD160W, Hitachi RX2-S160W printers,
  • parts for Linx, Videojet, Hitachi, Imaje and other CIJ printers
  • service contracts for industrial printers
  • consumables of a reputable manufacturer Digital Ink from Great Britain and the company Squid Ink Manufakturing from the USA
  • equipment warranty extension
  • away and stationary service
  • filters and inspection modules for industrial printers
  • help and advice to optimize production
Cooperation with Druk Serwis 24 allows to reduce the costs of marking products by up to 50%. In addition, our activities at your production plant include:
  • less downtime of the production line,
  • fewer printer failures,
  • extending the life of printers,
  • optimization of the marking and labeling process of products,
  • the possibility of increasing the culture of operating devices through periodic training.
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The offer includes consumables for devices from manufacturers:

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