Rental and leasing

We have devices for marking products (date stamps, ink-jet printers) with the possibility of: purchase, leasing or rental. Currently, our clients have at their disposal:
  • ink-jet Streamline 5 printer
  • hi-res printer Copilot 500 oil, solvent,
  • hi-res printer Copilot 128 oil, solvent, UV
  • hi-res printer Copilot solvent
  • SQ-Laser laser marking machine
  • ink-jet Linx 4900 printers
  • ink-jet Linx 6900 printers
  • ink-jet Linx 7300 printers
  • ink-jet Linx 7900 printers
  • conveyors for feeding the product to be printed
  • Fitting elements.
We carry out repairs and inspections of inkjet printers - details in the tab SERVICE