Collective packages

A solution for high costs and a complicated labeling process is direct printing on collective packages. Labeling is the common and, in general, the easiest way to label cartons. Unfortunately, the very process of preparing the label requires many elements, including:
  • ordering the correct size label
  • ordering the appropriate size of thermal transfer foil
  • using a label maker
  • use of an application machine or manual application.
The entire process requires the involvement of even a few employees, is prone to errors resulting from a large number of different labels on which production is currently carried out. As a result, the labeling process is ineffective, cumbersome, error prone and requires a high commitment of human resources. In addition, it should be emphasized that both the tape formed after the labels and the thermal transfer foil require disposal and the glued cardboard is contaminated with tactile ingredients in the form of a label with a layer of glue. SOLUTION - DIRECT LABEL PRINTING We present ready-made solutions widely used on the US market and more and more often implemented on the European and Polish market in the form of direct printing of labels on collective cartons. Direct printing is becoming more and more common thanks to the spread of high-resolution (hi-res) printing technology using oil-based ink. An additional stimulus to the dissemination of hi-res technology is the attractive prices of devices compared to traditional labeling solutions. The solution to the problem of expensive and complicated labeling are direct printers from the American manufacturer Squid Ink Manufacturing, of which Druk Serwis 24 is an authorized representative. Direct label printing is:
  • huge savings, use of ecological ink (Eco-Ink) and error-free and trouble-free application of label prints on cardboard boxes,
  • the possibility of shifting human resources to other tasks requiring the involvement of manual work,
  • elimination of labels that contaminate cardboard boxes in the recycling process,
  • direct printing on cartons, which eliminates the costs of: labels, label printers and labeling devices.
We present an example from the American market, where the use of printers Squid Ink Manufacturing and direct printing of labels with a printer Copilot 500, saved the factory $ 30.000.

Application examples:

  • multicolored prints:
Printing of color logistic labels
  • printing of large logistic labels with the use of ecological ink:
Overprints of logistic labels Description of printers can be found in the tab PRINTERS Feel free to contact us for support for solutions in your production plant - LINK