Fluids for HI-Res / Piezo printers

Squid Ink Hi-Res / Piezo Replacement Ink Jet Fluids

HI-Res / Piezo replacement fluids

Squid Ink produces the highest quality inkjet fluids designed for a wide range of inkjet printing systems. In fact Squid Ink currently offers the most complete line of high definition and piezo inks in the industry. Our hi-res and piezo inks contain formulations for the most popular printing systems and are packaged in 100% compatible direct replacement cartridges.

Lower downtime and maintenance costs

As an innovative industry leader, Squid Ink has played a key role in developing inks for today's latest technology. Our hi-res inks are fully compatible with the formulas used in hi-res and piezo printers manufactured by Marsh®, Videojet®, Diagraph®, Foxjet®, Domino®, Matthews®, Imaje®, HSA® and others. Our inks are designed to meet or exceed OEM ink specifications and performance.

Plug and print with 100% compatible cartridges

Squid Ink produces high-quality replacement inks for the most popular hi-res systems on the market. We also pack inks in 100% compatible containers, eliminating adapters, nipples or add-on units. These products include 500 ml bottles for Videojet®, 500 ml bags for Imaje®, 1 liter cartridge for Domino® and 500 ml ScanTrue II bottles for the Trident print engine. Squid Ink does not require rinsing - just replace the ink cartridge and continue printing.

Rest easy with a risk-free guarantee

Squid Ink stands by a product line with a comprehensive warranty. Squid Ink guarantees that all fluids will be free from defects and will not damage inkjet printers when used under the conditions for which the product was manufactured. Squid Ink will replace or provide a full credit for the products we deliver that are defective and returned by the customer. For a complete list of our warranties, please visit our website at www.inkjetfluids.com

Squid Ink Hi-Res / Piezo Ink Jet Replacement Fluids 500ml and 1-liter bottles for Marsh and Videojet

Marsh® / Videojet®
bottles of 500 ml or 1 liter

Squid Ink Hi-Res / Piezo Ink Jet Replacement Fluids 1-liter cartridge for Domino and Alpha-Dot

Domino® / Alpha-Dot®
1 liter Domino® / Alpha-Dot®

Squid Ink Hi-Res / Piezo Ink Jet Replacement Fluids 500ml bag for Imaje and Fasco

Imaje® / Fasco®

Squid Ink Hi-Res / Piezo Ink Jet Replacement Fluids 500ml bottles for HS-Automatic

500ml bottles


All our inks are formulated to meet or exceed OEM specifications
Our hi-res formulas include the highest quality resins, dyes and materials available
Our inks are filtered to an absolute 0,2 micron
Dark printing improves barcode readability, printing small characters, and crisp, clean graphics
liquids Squid Ink does not require rinsing - just replace and continue working
Competitive prices as a profitable alternative
We consistently ship all liquids within 48 hours of ordering
Our XNUMX-year history of supplying replacement inks to the Manufacturing and Packaging Industry underlines our commitment to service and quality