CoPilot Flex

The Squid Ink CoPilot Flex hi-resolution industrial inkjet printer printing date codes on egg cartons

High resolution printing system CoPilot Flex

CoPilot® Flex is designed to print high-quality characters, razor-sharp text, real-time information, scanned barcodes and great looking logos on flesh, foam or PET egg cartons. CoPilot Flex has up to 0,7 ”print height and the ability to print multiple lines of information in a single pass, which streamlines the printing process.

Minimum footprint, maximum results

CoPilot Flex is designed to be easily integrated into an existing egg packing line or where space constraints are present. The unique and compact design of the system allows for a narrow installation in almost every zone of the egg packing process, eliminating the need for later engineering or time-consuming modifications to the existing conveyor. Small print head CoPilot The flex adjusts to the slope of the cardboard to ensure high-quality, high-resolution printing. The system can invert the printed message if necessary, which means you can print your cartons in the open or closed area. At print speeds up to 135 feet / minute CoPilot The Flex will definitely keep production going.

Continue production

Ink cartridge CoPilot The 200ml Flex contains almost 5 times more ink than many competitors' cartridges. Increased ink volume and convenient cartridge design result in less frequent replacement and less downtime. Moreover, the company's SI-PZ4200 solvent ink Squid Solvent based inkjet ink is designed and tested for excellent adhesion to pulp, foam and clear PET egg wrappers while providing a dark print that is easy to read.

The Squid Ink CoPilot Flex hi-resolution industrial inkjet printer compact printhead

Compact print head CoPilot The flex is designed to fit the slope of the egg carton, resulting in high-quality printing.

The Squid Ink CoPilot Flex hi-resolution industrial inkjet printer allows for parallel conveyor mounting to maximize available aisle space

Unique design CoPilot Flex allows the conveyor to be mounted in parallel to maximize the available aisle space.

The Squid Ink CoPilot Flex hi-resolution industrial inkjet printer printing date codes on egg cartons 200ml cartridge

200ml ink cartridges for simple and clean ink changes.

The Squid Ink CoPilot hi-resolution industrial inkjet printer easy-to-use coding and marking touchscreen controller

Color touch screen CoPilot Flex 4,3 ”provides access to the system's internal messages and print functions.

Squid Ink CoPilot resolution industrial inkjet printer wireless tablet touchscreen controller

Manage your messages wirelessly using an optional 10,1 ”full color touchscreen with Orion software


CoPilot The Flex uses proven Xaar piezoelectric technology for razor-sharp printing
Solvent based for various applications such as pulp, PET, foam egg cartons, glossy or uncoated boxes and more
Print up to 0,7 characters high resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scanned barcodes and great looking logos at 185 dpi
Color touch screen CoPilot A 4,3 ”flex provides access to the system's internal messages and print functions
Compatible with the easy-to-use Orion ™ composing desktop software Squid Ink


Printing technology - Piezo impulse head technology
Maximum printing height - 1,7 ”(1,8 cm) per print head
Vertical printing resolution - 185 dpi capable of printing razor-sharp graphics, small character text and scanned barcodes
Horizontal print resolution - 205 dpi
Printing speed - up to 135 ft / min 
(41 m / min) @ 205 dpi, optional high-speed print head up to 200 ft / min (60 m / min)
Time and date - Internal real-time clock with battery backup
Product sensor - External scattered photocell
Communication interface - one USB host and one Ethernet input
ekran dotykowy - color screen 
touch 4,3 "(10,9 cm)
Capacity contribution 
inkjet - 200 ml cartridge
Low ink indicator - status alert on touchscreen, optional LED beacon
The possibilities of the substrate - non-porous surfaces
Electrical requirements - 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Working environment - 1 ° - 40 ° C (34 ° F - 104 ° F)
Conveyor mounting bracket - Provides a stable attachment to a conveyor or other material handling equipment


Time and date - full date and time functionality, including expiration date and Julian dates
Item numbering - Sixteen counters, one of which can be daily counter and production counter
Revision codes - Four programmable shift codes with automatic rollover
Codes barcodes - all standard barcodes, including 2D
Fonts - Arial, Arial Bold, Arial International, Arial Monospaced, Courier, Tahoma Bold, and Lucida resident fonts for use in variable data items. 
Static elements in any Windows® font
Logo - most of the image files supported by the Orion software
Printing functions - Turn over, turn over, turn over, repeat. 
Print on / off button
The length of the message - up to 180 "
Number of messages - 4 GB of disk space can store about 1000 messages
Ink consumption - shown in Orion software
User data prompts - Entry prompts 
data by the user at the beginning of the print job by manual input on the touch screen
Bluetooth connectivity - for communication with Bluetooth keyboards
Wireless connectivity - for a wireless connection between a computer or tablet and the printer controller
Database - Ethernet communication protocol for external communication
languages - English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian


Encoder - For working with variable speed conveyors
Laser barcode scanner - Allows you to scan and download messages
Exterior warning light - indicates low ink level
Wireless USB device and router - for wireless communication
Windows Tablet Preloaded with Orion software; 
includes mounting bracket with swivel arm, USB to Ethernet cable and stylus
Starter pack - Contains ink, cleaning and rinsing fluid, printhead wipes, hand cleaners and latex gloves