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We recommend original products made in the USA, Great Britain and Germany. Druk Serwis 24 Sp. z o. o. is an authorized representative, importer and distributor of high-quality digital printing products for small and large characters.

The products we offer will allow you to reduce the costs of labeling products by up to 60%

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  • periodic inspections with a guarantee of reliability
  • new original and replacement parts and used parts
  • ink and solvent for Hitachi printers:
PrinterInk type ColourAboutDesignation DS24
HitachiJP-K33blackink / ink / inkHI-DS24-JP-K33
Hitachi JP-K62 black ink / ink / ink HI-DS24-JP-K62
Hitachi JP-K67 black ink / ink / ink HI-DS24-JP-K67
Hitachi JP-K69 black ink / ink / ink HI-DS24-JP-K69
Hitachi JP-K72 black ink / ink / ink 1000mlHI-DS24-JP-K72
HitachiJP-K37 yellow ink / ink / ink 1000ml HI-DS24-JP-K37
Hitachi JP-Y94 yellow ink / ink / ink 1000ml HI-DS24-JP-K94
HitachiTH-18end solvent / make up 1000ml HI-DS24-TH18
Hitachi TH-39 nd solvent / make up 1000ml HI-DS24-TH39
Hitachi TH-69nd solvent / make up 1000ml HI-DS24-TH69
HitachiTH-TYPE-And solvent / make up 1000ml SI-892-Q
Hitachi TH-TYPE-Bnd solvent / make up 1000ml HI-DS24-TH-TB
HitachiCL1000nd cleaner / cleaner 1000ml SI-AC43-Q

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